ASC Creative is good at what we do, and are ready to make your App vision a reality. As part of that promise, one of our key goals is building long-term relationships with our clients. Since 2007 we have taken the time to document best practices, and learn from our mistakes so that you don’t have to. We have committed to hiring people with deep skills and knowledge. We work hard to maintain our reputation as a knowledgable, trustworthy and creative team that delivers on our promises.

Strategy & Roadmap

A clear strategy and a coherent plan to get there is the key to mobile or web-based app success. ASC Creative will work with you to find your path to success.

  • Planning and Strategic Consulting
  • Research & Requirements Gathering
  • Technical Consulting

No App is an island in the sea of technology, so part of our our strategy always considers data integration. 

Visual & UX Design

Great web or mobile app design is so much more than nice fonts and colours. Great design works at three key layers:

  1. The visual or surface layer
  2. The interaction layer
  3. The structural layer

ASC Creative’s design-first project model means that we start with the structural layer and work our way up to the visual layer.

As we work these layers we also consider and incorporate usability and accessibility, as well as branding and identity. The result is a holistic user experience that reflects your vision and brand.

Development & Project Management

Strong project management means that the development of complex projects do not lose focus, which leads to on-time and on-budget delivery. ASC Creative’s design first methodology means that all parties know how the project will look and work, and provide a good timeline so that anciliary work (e.g. additional content or complimentary marketing planning) can be completed on a schedule. 

A key component is ASC Creative’s attention to how we can leverage the data from your app into your business. Whether it’s your accounting system or your CRM, or any other business system, we work hard to ensure your data is working for you.


Launch & Monitor

We will get your app to launch and beyond. Post-launch considerations are often under-considered, but they will drive your business long-term. Because we offer full hosting services, we have much more control over security and support. We will monitor your app in real time guarding against malicious attacks, hacking, and outages. 

On top of that we are also here for you and your staff. If you need assistance you can reach out via phone, email or our support portal. 


Delight & Inspire

Since 2007, ASC Creative has worked on 100+ projects of all sizes. We are proud of our 98% completion rate and 99% customer satisfaction rate. Simply said, we work very hard to make your project a success.

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