If you’re a retailer, and not selling online with your full catalogue, then you are missing revenue opportunities. Having an online selling and revenue generation presence is required. The days of not having a full product catalogue or taking payment through ecommerce are over.

If you already have a web presence, but it needs .. shall we say .. a little umph to make it work better for you, then ASC Creative can help. After building as many sites as we have, ASC Creative will help you.

As of 2019, retailers should be looking at the following tools:

  1. Chatbots. Those (sometime funny-looking) pop-ups on websites that allow users to ask sales and customer support questions really improve customer satisfaction, lower service delivery costs and you to offer new online services.
  2. OpBots. Closely related to chatbots, OpBots are integrated to internal systems to broaden the information that can be provided to customers and prospects alike. Get more information from here.

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Whether you are developing new building or managing exisitng buildings, ASC Creative has industry specific applications to help you. From universal document sharing that live through the development lifescycle to managing properties, maintenance, repair and complaint tracking, and managing multiple building portals, ASC Creative has a solution.

Our industry experience allows us to lead in understanding your challenges. We’ve developed efficient and cost-friendly applications to reduce your administrative ownership and stay on the right side of your obligations.

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Complex communication requirements and a broad group of stakeholders are the byword of every sports organization. Whether you are a recreational or elite sport association, league or team, you know that your communications needs are unique and special because the large number of diverse stakeholders need different information, typically at the same time.

Instead of a ‘static’ website, ASC Creative Ltd. provides a consolidated online communication environment designed to integrate your existing systems to allow group broadcast or one-to-one push and group conversations. Consolidating social media, video, on-field updates, teams updates and more – One place to connect to your stakeholders. Imagine that!

ASC Creative also provides unique online integrated niche applications with access from your desktop or remote mobile device. One example is our tournament management environment that can be integrated to your existing website, to manager tournament registrations, team and field assignments, tournament bracketing (during the tournament), and onfield updates. Your tournament administrator can manage it all from field side.

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Since we started the company, ASC Creative has developed numerous websites, custom online applications and line of business applications, such as a sophsticated Building Portal platform, Repairtrack and in-house operational applications for the property management industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate data from numerous sources so that property managers, and their company managers can gain deep insight into their operations and profitability.

ASC Creative consultants know the industry cold. We have ex-property managers on our team, so we know how the industry works and what will work (or not). We know how to design your website for maximum efficiency and to reduce your workload.

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Legal and Accounting Professionals hold senstive data that cannot be stored or transit through public shared document or file systems. For document, the public systems such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive represent extended liability because:
      1. The are generally based in the USA, and subject to US Patriot Act.
      2. The public nature of the services means that enterprise grade security in not available.


ASC Creative has created Cloudteligent, an Enterprise-grade, private document and file sharing environment for organizations that must share sensitive date with external parties. Clients, collaborators and other parties can work collaboratively and more securely than ever, and have their documents and files available for remote access.

If you want to learn more about ASC Creative’s indistry solutions, give us a call at 1-604-771-5001 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..