The best bots in the market today accomplish seven key business goals:

1. One-to-one Conversation at Scale
Leveraging automation, businesses can carry on large numbers of simultaneous conversations chats using a chat widget on a website, an app’s native UI or another messaging environment (i.e. Slack, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.)

2. Integration to legacy and other backend data sources
ntegration equals enhanced data for a customer’s shopping experience, supporting customer support functions, or linking together formerly disparate internal data.

3. Personalization
Accessing a rich store of data, companies can tailor messaging at the individual level based on interests, past behavior and responses within the bot conversation.

4. Efficiency and Productivity
Chat Bots have the capacity to enhance conversations between users by locating helpful information or completing repeated tasks like scheduling, leaving staff to focus more time on higher impact interactions.

5. High Engagement via Push Notifications
Once positive experiences have been delivered, businesses can leverage push messages that go directly into user inboxes. Marketers, in turn, can rely on high open rates and an effective ongoing mechanism for re-engagement.

6. Decoupling from “the App”
ComScore reports that smartphone users spend 80 percent of their app time in only three apps. With multiple messengers topping app charts globally, having a piece of digital real estate on those platforms is an appealing alternative to building owned brand apps.

7. Revenue
AI-driven chatbots can lead consumers through the entire sales funnel from awareness to purchase.