When I get to talk to people about what I do, I frequently get asked to describe the Twitter phenom. Most people have heard of it, but don’t really understand it or grasp the power of Tweeting for business or personal branding reasons. Most of these conversations center around the initial concepts of using Twitter as a way for one person to tell another person what the author is having for lunch that day, or what type of shoes they are looking for. But Twitter can be (and is) used for much more.

The fact is that Twitter is an immediate delivery communications platform whose uses are just being understood and enhanced on a daily basis. For instance, major PR campaigns are created that use Twitter as a key platform for research and demand generation. 

So back to the heart of the issue — What is Twitter?

Here’s a link to a short video that should make it easier to understand Twitter’s structure and basic functionality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGbLWQYJ6iM&feature=player_embedded#

Once you get the basics, come back here periodically for ideas of how you can use it to achieve specific goals in your business.

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