Your SEO strategy must include quality backlinks to incrase traffic and build link popularity.

As you gain more knowledge about search engine optimziation, you would have come across the word “backlinks” several times. For those new to SEO, you might wonder what backlinks are and why they are essential for the success of websites.

Simply put, a Backlink indicates a link from another site to your website. These are also known as inbound links and their quantity indicates the popularity of the website. Backlinks are considered as votes by search engines, so based on the higher number of backlinks your website has and the higher the important of websites linking back to yours, will determine the trust rank your site is assigned.

Backlinks today are an important part of the SEO process because when you build quality backlinks, your website stands a higher chance of getting indexed faster by the search engines. Over the long term, backlinks also help in boosting quality traffic to your site. in addition, building backlinks improves your page ranking and ultimately your ranking in the search engines, resulting in improving search visbility.

But it’s not enough just to have lots of backlinks; The quality of backlinks that helps in achieving a better ranking in search engines. When calculating the relevance of a website to a particular keyword, search engines take into consideration the number of quality backlinks to that website.

A backlink is considered as a quality link if:

  1. It links back to your site with the keyword which you are optimizing for; and
  2. The website linking back to yours has the same theme as your website. When your website contains an inbound link from another site and that site has content related to your website, this inbound link will be considered as more relevant to your website. However, if this inbound link comes from a site that is totally unrelated to your site content, then it is considered as a less relevant backlink.

For instance, if you have a real estate website and you receive an inbound link from a property management, then this backlink will be considered more relevant and of higher quality when compared to a backlink from a skiboot manufacturer’s website.

Today, search engines are watching for websites that build quality backlinks slowly over time. Though it is quite easy to maneuver links on webpage’s in order to attain a high ranking, it is much tougher to manipulate search engines with inbound links from other sites. This is also one of the reasons for backlinks gaining increased importance in search engine algorithms. Search engines assessment for quality backlinks has become even tougher lately as there are some webmasters making use of unethical techniques and deceiving search engines to attain a higher ranking. These techniques are not only illegitimate but can also lead to your site getting banned.

Building quality backlinks could be a very time consuming and tedious process requiring patience and effort. However, it is a crucial step in creating blogs or any website since the quality and relevancy of backlinks can determine the success or failure of the site.