Googles estimates that the time is quickly approaching when the majority of website visits will be using a mobile device. The trends are emerging on sites like Facebook and Google. (In 2014, ½ of Facebook’s traffic was from mobile users.). So what is Google, Yahoo and the other search engines going to do about it? They are already starting to more heavily weight mobile friendly sites. Are you ready? or will your site be penalized for not being mobile friendly?

As since most of the mobile traffic to websites is now coming from Apple and Android mobile devices, perhasp you’re wondering whether to build an app or a mobile website?

We are regularly asked this question by our clients and it is not an easy answer. We start by asking determining the most important content for your mobile site, understanding how your content will be displayed on the different devices, and how the data can be used to support your business goals.

There are several approaches to becoming mobile friendly, so let the professionals at ASC Creative analyse your activity and make a recommendation.