Integrating data is about solving complex problems for industry and small business. ASC Creative Ltd. are specialists in integrating your website to data available from other business applications in your business. Finding a website development company that specializes on integrated data is critical.

Whether its your accounting system, ERP, order entry, inventory management, of a customer application, ASC Creative has done it before.

When looking at how to integrate your date, there are several general areas to consider:

  • Identity & Access Controls
  • Business Process Management (Workflow)
  • Data Enrichment
  • Cross Application Reporting
  • Unified Service Management / Governance


Three tenets of integrated data are:

    1. Leave your data where it is;
    2. Work from the consumer, outwards; and
    3. Think outside of the box.


We look at these elements with the philosophy of leaving your data where it is. Why is this important? Everytime data is copied from once place to another, it creates the opportunity for it be out of synch, and the process of moving data creates unneeded overhead.

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