A few days ago, I received another report from a client about how their backup harddrive was stolen from their car. This is the second report (that I’ve heard in 3 months). While this is hardly an epidemic, my first question to this unfortunate individual was; “Was the data encrypted or password protected?”. The response was equally unfortunate, so now his sensitive information could have reformatted (if he’s lucky), or part of an international crime ring being used to attack his client and friends.

One of the darker sides of having generated so much data on a daily basis is that it has be protected against increasingly sophisticated sinister uses. This means hardening physical access to your devices, and protecting against unauthorized access to your data. While this is blindlingly obvious in this type of situation, surprisingly few business owners that I know have taken significant precautions.

Folks, please ensure that your data is secure against natural disaster, theft, accidential loss, and whatever else might ail your data.

For this, you should take a good look at online, offsite backup systems. These systems have backup management software on your server, desktops, laptops and mobile devices:

  • To automate the backup to a remote server on your schedule.
  • Encrypt the transmission of the data.
  • Encrypt the data on the remote server (so only you can use it).
  • And (for Canadian clients), the server should be in Canada to prevent unknown access by American (read this article on the US Patriot Act ) or other authorities.

Take a moment to learn more about this important topic . (You can thank me later). 🙂