Each episode of Practical Tech Talk for Small Business explores the practical side of implementing technology in your business. We discuss new technology that you might want to be aware of, existing platforms that you might be considering or using in your business, and how people really use their technology tools. 


For more than two decades as a Technology Strategist, Product Manager, Innovator and Entrepreneur, I’ve been helping organizations understand their customers and evolve their businesses for the digital space. This experience has given me an un-paralleled front-row seat to the changes and evolution of digital technology, and how business use (or mis-use) it. I believe how we respond to, leverage, humanize and adapt to these changes is one of the fundamental issues of our time.

I have also seen that it doesn’t matter how creative, innovative, or just plain great a technology is if the people within the organization are not ready to receive and implement technology.

The Practical Tech Talk for Small Business podcast is my offering to help change people’s perspectives, and spark amazing insights and designs that can transform your business and world.

I hope you, our brilliant, lovely listener can find as much inspiration, joy, and energy from this podcast. Thank you for listening and sharing. Want to add something to the conversation? Reach out to me using our Contact form.



Interview of Tim Bramwell by Shannon Peel – February 2020