In 2007, our team started designing and building websites and providing specialized platform hosting services. Since then we’ve adapted by listening to our clients. And we’ve grown our products and services to a diverse offering.

Along the way, we’ve learned:

1. We have noticed that small and medium sized businesses want to spend less and less time dealing with technology, because technology is always attempting to take more time from everyone’s day.

2. Technology used within your business HAS to work without interfering with your staff’s daily work.

3. Small and Medium businesses want personal support. You want someone to learn about the business, and talk about technology and applications in terms of your business; not for technology’s sake.

4. Applications must integrate with each other so that there are no silos of information. Data MUST integrate with other data to create more meaningful information. What’s the point of having to extract data from your website to manually import it into your Customer or Order Management systems?


1. Website Design. With dedicated design staff, ASC Creative designs stunning websites. (It’s our mission, and we live by it daily). Eye-catching and functional, our websites are used by small and medium businesses to generate revenue and express our clients ideas. Simply put, we make websites work out there in the real world.

2. Website Development. ASC Creative are specialists in developing custom websites using open source content management systems. We love moving older websites onto the next generation content management systems, so that we can provide a more powerful online experience, add new functionality and initegrate the website to your internal applications.

We are specialists at developing custom websites using WordPress and Joomla Content Management System’s. Both WordPress and Joomla are open source content management systems that are easy-to-use and extensible. Like old friends, we like them for different reasons, so be sure to ask why.

3. Web to Application Integration. Integrating your website to your internal applications makes information available in a secure and convenient manner. ASC Creative has integrated hundreds of applications, to allow registered users access to product catalogues, accounting and financial information, placing and tracking orders, electronic commerce shopping carts, customer applications, and much more.

4. Creative Analytics. Do you want to know what your site is doing for you? Creative Analytics collects user and usage metrics from your website, and emails a nifty report weekly or at the end of each month. Sure there is Google Analytics, but Creative Analytics can be integrated to your internal applications in a way that external analytics packages cannot. So, if you want to dashboard your companies operations, you will need to start with Creative Analytics.

5. Specialized services, such as our email migration service. (Did you say ‘Whaat’ ?). We started with email, and we still love it. We don’t host email anymore, but if you want to move mail systems without losing productivity or email, and you don’t know where to start, ASC Creative can help.

6. Vertical Applications for Property Management Companies, including Document Order Management, Repair & Maintenance Tracking, and Building Portals.

A comment about our Hosting.

We have our own secure hosting facilities that feature fully redundant (mirrored and failover) servers. The servers are not located in the USA, and thus are not subject to US Government access under the library records provisions of the US Patriot Act. We have complete control over our hardware, including the ability to more finely tune the server settings to optimize delivery of web pages and our hosted services.

We provide hosting only to our website and hosted services clients. We do not provide hosting only services.