If you’re a retailer, and not selling online with your full catalogue, then you are missing revenue opportunities. Having an online selling and revenue generation presence is required. The days of not having a full product catalogue or taking payment through ecommerce are over.

If you already have a web presence, but it needs .. shall we say .. a little umph to make it work better for you, then ASC Creative can help. After building as many sites as we have, ASC Creative will help you.

As of 2019, retailers should be looking at the following tools:

  1. Chatbots. Those (sometime funny-looking) pop-ups on websites that allow users to ask sales and customer support questions really improve customer satisfaction, lower service delivery costs and you to offer new online services.
  2. OpBots. Closely related to chatbots, OpBots are integrated to internal systems to broaden the information that can be provided to customers and prospects alike. Get more information from here.

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