When a website is built by the web designer, it is important that the important pages be well optimized. This is often an overlooked area by web designers. Page optimization refers to the meta description, meta keywords, meta title, alt tags, and header tags. There are too many websites where these elements are ignored, which significantly increases the need for the entires sites’s SEO. In other words, you can save a significant amount of money when you optimize important pages. It also helps the spiders to crawl your website and also index the pages properly.

Another element that plays an important role towards the success of a website is testing, with a focus on multi-variant testing. Multi variant testing allows desigenrs and develoeprs to measure which pages and page elements are are better preferred.

Multi variant testing allows the designer to determine which creative element or group of elements, including content, achieves the defined objectives. Multi variant testing is usually focused on key pages, such as the home page. For large, multi product sites, or those with online commerce functions, additional pages should be tested. When correctly implemented, important key performance indicators such as increased site traffic and page conversions can be achieved testing layout, background colors, content, site images, and landing pages. An important point to note is that all elements may not generate the same increase in conversions.