When I worked for other companies years ago, I typically had a training budget and really liked going away from the office to learn some new nuance of my profession. My typical thought was that if I learned one new thing that I could use when I got back to the office, then it was a success. How times have changed!

If I take training now and only learn one new thing, then it was not a very good course (or I wasn’t very awake!). That philosophy is going into our new training prgram. We are designing a series of workshops designed for real estate service providers that literally CRAM information into your brains. (If your brain doesn’t feel one size bigger, then let me know .. we’ll work harder!)

The first workship is ready, and is specifically targeted to realtors and property managers. It’s all about embedding social marketing into your current marketing plan, and starts with the premise that you are curious or skeptical about social marketing, and know little more than the buzz words. (BTW You don’t have to admit that to anyone!)

Online Marketing 101 explains the buzz words, outlines to tools and lets you choose a social marketing Starter Kit. Enough to get your words out there to communicate and build your brand, and provide an uncomplicated and simple environment to achieve your goals.

Take a look at the website and let me know if it doesn’t make you dream of having thousands of people waiting for your enlightenment.

You can reach us at 604 771 5001 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. As usual, please post your comments and questions.