Creating a “central nervous system” specifically for your company to more effectively communicate is a tactic that some companies are using to maximize efficiency. The various types of information that you wish to publish will dictate how it gets delivered.

An intranet is an internal website that is focused more on presenting and accessing internal information. As with a public website, the intranet uses web technology to allow access to files and data already available somewhere in your company. If it’s done well, the intranet becomes the central hub for accessing files on your file server or posting specific information (such as corporate announcement for the next corporate running team).

A good intranet will, from the home page, include company announcements, updates, etc., and incorporates a unified search bar so that team members can easily locate specific documents and information. In addition, the platform houses general resources, such as a team directory, internal job boards, company policies and more.

Creating an intranet will cut back on company emails, reduce clutter in everyone’s inboxes, and give people one place to find the information that need, when they need it.

Corporate Dashboard
A dashboard provide access to rich information that changes on a regular basis, and comes from multiple sources. It’s the ability to co-mingle data from multiple sources that makes dashboards so powerful.

The first step in creating a dashboard is to determine what information you wish to display – usually by creating KPI’s (key performance indicator). Because the information typically comes from multiple sources, the data must be accessible to the dashboard environment. (See our post on data integration for more on this).

One of the more interesting indicators that we’ve worked with include monthly summaries of the number of emails, correspondence and phone calls have been received from specific clients who are on a support contract.

Once the data is available to the dashboard, then you have to decide how to present it. By the way, implementing dashboard on an intranet is an excellent way to allow staff to monitor internal business operations.

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