Creative Analytics is a solution that measure how your website and internet data assets are performing. While there are several analytics programs on the market, most of the current programs are expensive or require specialty technical knowledge and resources. The one obvious exception is Google Analytics.  While Google Analytics has its own set of merits, there are drawbacks. Many people don’t want to continue to feed Google more data – and this trend is growing.

So we came up with Creative Analytics. Creative Analytics places a little code on your website, and our server collects and analyses information in real-time from your website, your web server, and linkbacks from your email campaigns. You now have the tool for business research and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of your online assets.

Creative Analytics is a powerful platform, and we are pushing the boundaries all the time. For instance, we are investigating how to embed it into your Facebook apps, so that you can get consolidated reporting.

Each week or at month end, Creative Analytics sends a 12+ page report outlining 19+ different elements, such as the number of visitors, unique visits, sources of page referrals, types of browsers used to view your site, and much more.  If you’re running online marketing campaigns, you’ll also be able to track the success of your online marketing and email campaigns. You can also get access via an online dashboard full of charts and statistics.

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