As this year winds down, one thing that I’ve noticed this past year is the emerging trend of consultants describing them self as a marketing “expert”. I have to admit that I’m uncomfortable about this trend. Not so long ago, one didn’t proclaim oneself an expert; That was left to industry peers.

As I ponder the year-end, I get to the issue of planning forward to next year, and the question of relecting on why would a company use my services? What makes me/us unique amongst the crowd? That’s a fair question that gets asked very regularly (as it should). Some time ago, I went through an exercise to understand why someone would want to hire me (personally) and then use me in a trusted situation (such as working with their clients and prospective clients). Out of that process I made up a little card that I still carry around to this day as a reminder. I have many things on that card, but certainly characteristics such as passion for my work, humour in challenging situations, excellence in communication, superb customer service, ethics and credibility are some of the personal character goals that I strive for. Now, as with any goal, I’ll be the first to stay that they are not *always” achieved EVERY day, but if one doesn’t have goals, then what’s the point?

I have been fortunate to have most business come through referrals and if I had it my way, I would get all of my business through referrals and not have to make cold calls. Who likes cold calling (or cold emailing) these days? It has never been fun. But every sales/business person knows that the strongest selling is done face-to-face, and it’s clear that dialing the phone is one of the best ways to get that meeting.

It’s not that I’m procrastinating with writing this blog .. this is a my experiment for December. Here it is … the “Special Offer”. If you are preparing for an upcoming marketing campaign and want to chat about your idea and goals, OR want to get ahead of the curve with a 1/2 day social marketing workshop, you know who to call.

And if I don’t speak with you beforehand, have a terrific holiday season.