Short version

I’m asking for you to weigh in and share your opinions about your experiences with the software and digital tech solutions you use, are thinking about, wish you’d never bought, think is the best thing that ever happened to your business (or any other opinion or questions about your business related software). If you want to share an opinion please either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a note or a short (up to 60 seconds) audio clip.

Longer Story

As a technology operations specialist, I have a lot of conversations about technology with small business owners. These conversations generally start with me asking how they are doing, and end up discussing opinions about software or an application, or how to find a better version of the software/application. There are so types and variations of software available today that it is incredibly hard to stay on top of it, especially if you also want to keep your daytime job managing your equipment rental agency or retail operation, or as working as property manager or lawyer. And the software industry introduces new products as fast as the marketers can change the spelling on the domain names – which means very quickly.

Our team at ASC Creative face the same problems, and we’ve decided to do something to make it easier for all of us. In 2020 I’ll be launching a fresh, new podcast for Business Owners, CEOs, and Senior Leaders in small and medium sized enterprises called Tech Talk for Business. The podcast will deliver the straight goods about the kinds of questions you have about what tech solutions are best for your business. If you are feeling unsure about the technology that you are using for your business, or are still trying to figure out CRM, ERP, cybersecurity, and remote staff, the Tech Talk for Small Business is for you.

These podcasts will be about 15 minutes long, published bi-weekly, and will be focused on common problems and ‘rants’ that small business owners have about your technology operations problems. We will introduce common problems, and then provide a summary and thoughtful generic solution.

Our initial list of topics includes Blockshain technology, chatbots, artificial intelligence, tools to work remotely, cyrbersecurity, CRM and ERP systems.

Note that Tech Talk for Small Business is completely solution agnostic. This is not about selling a specific type or brand of software. Opinions shared will remain anonymous unless you give me permission to share your and your business name.