As we move into the new decade, we are doing so with more tools that any businessperson has had before. The age of technology means that we have more access to resources and education to successfully achieve our personal and business goals. We can move forward with precision, using the right techniques and with confidence.

One thing hasn’t changed, though. Success revolves on having goals. As 2020 begins, we have put together this list of goals to consider to get started on the right foot.

1. Take the time to Complete Strategic Planning

Most people find it a rare luxury to have the time to do strategic planning personally or for their business.

2. Redesign your Website

2020 might be the year for a website makeover, especially if your planning process includes introducing new products, services or re-branding. A website redesign is a way of re-invigorating your business efforts by helping you to re-evaluate your marketing message and business strategy.

While a whole site redesign can be a significant undertaking, there are smaller improvements that could help. These include:

  • Add a Chatbot or other bot to allows user’s faster and easier communication
  • Add content for new products and services
  • Update your menu structure to better reflect how users interact with your site
  • Make sure that the links actually work
  • Update the testimonials and other pages that have references from last year’s projects

3. Start a new mental fitness routine

Whether for fitness, personal or professional education, taking care of yourself increases your chances of enjoying the rest of the decade more fully.

Like the rest of our lives, we work within our routine, so the easiest way to start is to build it into your schedule, just as you would for any other standing appointment. Perhaps you can use a lunch break for exercise (and then eat at your desk); Whatever you do, be intentional about your new mental fitness routine.

4. Master one social media platform.

Social media is such a powerful way to connect with your customers, but with so many available, you may be tempted to join all of them. And then lose contact on all of them.

Instead, focus on one social media platform. Spend the time to dominate it! As you focus on maximizing your reach on one social media platform, you will begin to recognize what you need to do on another.

5. Try a new digital marketing strategy

If you are considering making changes to your website, perhaps it’s time ot improve your digital marketing strategy too.

Many people assume that digital marketing is centered around social media. This is not necessarily so. A relevant digital marketing strategy many no involve or focus on social media. It could be just blogging, or creating a podcast. Other elements of a digital marketing strategy might include:

  • Google remarketing adverts
  • Writing an ebook
  • Release an online course
  • Host a webinar
  • Create and use email marketing campaigns
  • Implement abandoned cart emails
  • Implement a landing page as part of the above email programs

It is important to test and re-test your marketing channels, so build it into your timelines too.

6. Limit your business hours of operation

While this might sound counter-intuitive to growing your business, take a hard look at the numbers. Depending on the type of business you operate, you can hone your intent to work smarter, and not harder.

If you operate a physical location, look at the time of day or week when the majority of your sales are, and it might be possible to start later or close earlier. you can use this time to look at another line of revenue or operation.

For new projects, look at hiring another person to help you make certain that it is well executed. Your energy is a limited commodity.

7. Master Customer Service Operations

If you customer don’t experience great customer service, the chances of turning a first time visitor into a repeat customer decreases significantly.

Whether they are interacting with your website, a social media post or a person in real life, your customer deserves the highest level of service. Word of Mouth is still the best way to gain business.

One way to master customer service without a significant increase in workload is using a Chatbot. The newer generations of chatbots have Machine Learning engines that can automatically answer a significant number of easier questions, so you look like a customer service star.

8. Rediscover the Power of Blogging

It turns out that blogging is not dead. Blogging is a great strategy to devote time and energy to because search engines love blogs!

The reports of the demise of blogging have been greatly exagerated (all due appologies to Mark Twain). Blogging has been considered boring, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, when a technology becomes boring, that’s a very good thing. That means it’s no longer new, flashy and untested. It’s no longer the shiny new toy that captivates everyone’s attention simply for what it is. It has to work to remain relevant.

Instead, it has to earn attention on its own merits, not the novelty of the medium. It’s become accepted, tested and expected. It’s tried and true. It’s a reliable platform you can build on.

9. Declutter your Office and/or Home.

If you cannot relax at your office or home enough to be productive, or are bogged down by the sight of your desk or table, then perhaps a change would help. Clutter can have a real impact on your health as research shows that it’s better to live a less cluttered life for improved mental clarity, personal well-being and efficient visual processing.

From the professionals, here are the 5 Reasons to Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life.

10. Read More

To continue a leadership role, one of the best way to stay on top of trends is to read. Whether you are reading a book on improving sales, tutorials on managing your business operations or blogs for tips on emerging technology, reading 30 minutes daily will quiet your mind and add value to yourself, employees and customers.

Here’s to Your Growth and Success in 2020!